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  • The Straya Drive was developed to help guitarists achieve a Stacked Marshall sound from a single pedal.
  • The right hand side of the pedal is an overdrive with pronounced mid frequencies. It has two clipping options – Asymmetrical/Symmetrical. On the left, there is a distortion which takes influence from the Marshall Gov’nor and alike.
  • Both sides have Volume, tone and drive controls and two clipping options.
  • Artwork from Pascal D’bras.
  • Powder coated and UV printed 1590BB2 enclosure.
  • 95mm x 125mm x 63mm
  • Uses 9V negative center power supply.


Kink Guitar Pedals was created in February 2017. We focus on manufacturing visually appealing pedals and using Australian companies for powder coating, printing and packaging our products which are proudly made in Melbourne, Australia. Our guitar pedals are famous for the artwork featured on the pedals.

The Kink Guitar Pedals value is that pedals must be user-friendly and practical with lots of amazing sounds at every turn of a knob. None of our pedals are hard to use due to the simple layout and it’s easy to get the amazing sound of our famous pedals.