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Even in drippy locales, humidity control is no sweat for Boveda. Boveda 49% RH High-Absorbency are specially designed for musicians who live in a climate with 50% humidity or more for most of the year. Not sure if this is you? Check your local humidity levels. (Lower humidity? Choose Boveda 49% RH for wood instruments.)

Year-round extreme humidity? Formulated to protect wood instruments in year-round extreme humidity level of 50+%

Protects instrument from warping and mildew build-up while balancing the humidity level in your case.

Tested in a lab at rainforest-like conditions! Absorbs 3x more moisture than Boveda 49% RH.

Keeps wood instrument in the safe zone—Automatically achieves and maintains a constant relative humidity (RH) level between 45% and 55%. 

Prevents humidity fluctuations. Exposing your wood instrument to humidity swings day after day—going in and out of air-conditioned venues or traveling by air—can throw off its measured alignment and cause permanent damage.

How to use Boveda in your instrument case:

  1. Remove Boveda's plastic wrapper. (Do not open the Boveda itself.)
  2. Slip the unwrapped Boveda into a protective pouch of its leak-resistent fabric holder (available separately)
  3. Place in case and close the lid. Always keep your case closed when using Boveda.

No maintenance for months! Initially, Boveda has some catch-up work to do, so your first Boveda won't last as long as subsequent ones. After your first set, Boveda will last 2-6 months depending on the time of year, your climate and your case. When Boveda 49% RH High Absorption fully expands, it’s time to replace it.

Effective and versatile 2-way humidty control—safe to use in an ABS plastic or fiberglass cases, wooden cases and soft case or bag. (Boveda will last longest in rigid cases.)