500k CTS Precision Audio Taper Pot - Split Shaft


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Custom CTS 'USA spec' 250K Precision Audio Taper Pot.

The CTS precision audio taper gives you smoother and more accurate response than you'll get with economy pots. Features longer life brass shaft and tighter resistance tolerance.

250K pots are typically used for single-coil pickups.

Audio Taper Pots can be used in both Volume and Tone Positions.


- USA spec thread: 3/8" x 32.
- 3/8" (9.5mm) diameter brass threaded collar.
- 24 spline (fine) brass split shaft.
- Includes 1 x nut, 1 x dress washer and 1 x lock washer.


- The brass threaded collar is 12.5mm long.
- Total length of the shaft to the top of the spline is 22.2mm.
- Split shaft diameter : 6mm.
- Pot casing diameter : 24mm.