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Dual-channel guitar preamp that faithfully recreates the sound of a 1965 JTM45 tube amp in a pedal with independent channel controls, pre/post boost, official Celestion cab sim IR and dedicated outputs for DI and headphones.

  • Dedicated DI output, equipped with official Celestion 4x12 G12M Creamback cab sim IR, turns your pedalboard into a gig-ready rig direct to PA system or audio interface for recording
  • Dedicated headphone output, equipped with official Celestion 4x12 G12M Creamback cab sim IR, for huge tube amp tones and practice sessions that won’t disturb your neighbors
  • Master presence, set it and forget it, control on the rear panel to tailor your preamp and compensate for darker or brighter rigs and rooms
  • Optional bypass or always on channel change footswitch modes
  • Ground-breaking TC AMPWORX modelling technology provides low latency, huge dynamic range and feels like the real deal
  • Perfect pedalboard-friendly pedal platform takes drive pedals like a champ
  • Two channels with independent gain, volume and EQ controls for classic British rock and blues tones
  • Independent gain controls for Normal and High inputs, just like the real amp with a jumper cable
  • Integrated booster activates 5 dB boost at the kick of a footswitch with Pre/Post option on the back panel
  • Pre boost dialed in to drive the amp model harder and add a distinct mid hump like a classic overdrive pedal